Welcome to "The Unique Concoction called ME" and Thank you for taking a peek.

Hi, I am Clavy.

This blog is a collection of the various things that occur in daily life, anything that amuses, interests or pleases me. I could probably say,that this blog is a scrap book, something that I could always turn back for a quick reference.

Currently, a SAHM to 2 toddlers, who teach me a new lesson every day.
While passionately living Life the right way, I am avidly interested in baking, photography, mystery shopping, glass painting and travelling. My childhood hobbies include philately,numismatics and reading. However, reading is a hobby, till date, but is limited to motivational, spiritual and inspirational books. 

Your views, comments and suggestions on my posts are welcome. I hope you find something useful out here...

Yours Concoctively,
Clavy ;)


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