March 13, 2009

Life is so Topsy Turvy!!!!

Hmmm ......I woke up this morning by the alarm snoozing in my ears and then I went back to sleep by resetting the alarm for 10 minutes later. Finally I woke up at 6.20am. It was like a drudging start. I had a new day waiting for me with a big packed tight schedule and I was not interested in it at all .... Wat a Pun!!!

I was always a person who likes my day to pass by with the blink of the eye. I liked the busy busy life. I never liked the humdrum of life. A life with unexpected surprises and shocks, with pressures and challenges always thrilled me and I always looked forward for one, almost prayed for one ....And here this morning, HA HA HA, when I have a big mess to clear up and a whole lot of confusion all around to deal with and then I have my daily routine, my daily chores and then my personal aims and gaols to be achieved, all waiting for time from me .... I am not liking it .... Is it that something is wrong with me or someone just put a spell on me. I am not enjoying the whole big bizarre experience that I am going through. This most awaited experience which I once prayed for is not welcome by me .... Phew! what a change or may be what utter confusion!

(all thinking to my myself)I am so tired, right early in the morning that I have woken up. I am already brooding over my new day .

Sitting here now, I imagine it like, I should have woken up with so much of zeal to start my day.But alas, that was not the scene. Thinking over the whole scene, comes to my mind, may be it was that way since this lifestyle has become my everyday story now and my energy to deal with this is depleting. I have to think ways of replenishing my energy and self-motivate else it will be a different ME!

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  1. I really have to say that this gives me pause, because I am often one to leave a comment if for no other reason then I don’t like to leave you thinking it was a boring or bad article when I really enjoyed it.This blog made me think of my daily routine...:)
    I am glad to post my views in this blog


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