March 7, 2009

One Day At a Time

We often want to gain success over great accomplishments instantly - 'may be like in a jiffy'. The world we live in has become so much like "The Instant World" - Instant Coffee or Tea, lightening Speed mails, modes of transports - fast and furious, blah blah blah .... the list can just go on .... It seems like nobody has patience at all, Patience seems to the virtue of the imbecile. Making Resolutions and then breaking them since we have no patience, no determination in fact Nothing Positive in us to keep us Going.

Forget ye not - Rome was not built in a day. Like wise only when we multiply tiny pieces of time with small increments of daily effort, we too will find we can accomplish magnificent things.Its always worth the wait.We can achieve everything we desire only by moving in baby steps towards our goal - One day at a Time. Only through patience and zealous hard work we will realize Impossible is Nothing!

Most of us wait for the auspicious time or moment to begin and we say util....... - For them, it would be "Stop Waiting"

Many of us think of the lost hours of yesterdays - For them. it would be "Use your Today"

For the rest of Us, it would be - "Start Now"

"Past is History, Future is Mystery, Today is a Gift and so it is Called PRESENT" ;)

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  1. was this written for me or keeping me in mind?


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